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Iosa Ghini Associati
Design Author of the Ferrari Museum
and Maserati Headquarters
Architecture Creators of 10,000 buildings in fifty
countries around the world
Development 71 development project
over 24 years
Luxury to live
in the moment
Finished apartments. Operating infrastructure.
Best panoramic views from 354 m above the ground
Haute cuisine
at the 85th floor
Restaurant of reimagined Russian cuisine and highest terrace in Europe
Finished apartments. Ready to use kitchen and bathroom
49 floors of top
class offices
Business center that opens groundbreaking prospects
5* hotel level
of service
Restaurants, fitness, highest skating rink in the world
Venue for social
Fashionable event venue and the largest conference hall in Moscow
3400 parking spaces Largest underground parking garage in Europe
in Moscow City
Everything you need is inside


OKO is the luxury to live in the moment

The OKO skyscrapers and the six-storey Crystal at their footing are fully finished. Apartments with Four Seasons-level finishing are waiting for their owners. The infrastructure is already operational. You will spend an evening in your own apartment in the tallest residential building in Europe. You will celebrate your purchase at the highest panoramic restaurant in Moscow. And you will tell your guests that now you are living in a skyscraper designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill – creators of the world renowned skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa. Today has brought OKO into your life. Welcome.



OKO offers the perfect answer to the question of what it means to be Russian in the 21st century. And it does not rely on national stereotypes or clichés – only a keen glance from the height of 354 m above the ground. The highest restaurant in Europe, RUSKI reinvents the history of national cuisine. Order a dish of eulachon with orange bulgur and fennel. Have a taste of trendy mixed drinks based on traditional infusions. Drink some coffee brewed with Altai herbs and make sure to taste vareniki cooked in a Russian stove. Feel the highest points – feel at home.



To be successful, one must aim for their dreams. The OKO business center opens new horizons for leading international companies. And with them, new dreams. 49 floors. Top class offices with areas of 200 sq m and up. Lobbies designed by the Italian designer Massimo Iosa Ghini. Ergonomic planning of office space and proximity to the Moscow Government. Access to Moscow’s largest conference hall and the largest parking garage in Europe. Those are just a few of the many merits of OKO that could become the growing points for your business. More information can be received by calling: +7 (495) 363-02-63 or at the company's sales office.



The OKO towers do not follow the fashion. They are the fashion. The six-storey Crystal accommodates a permanent event venue and Moscow’s largest conference hall with the area of 2000 sq m. Like a crystal ball, OKO attracts the best public in Moscow. Fashion shows and business conferences. Vehicle presentations and unofficial meetings in the Lexus Dome reception room... Every month OKO hosts dozens of events – and yours can be the highlight.


in Moscow City

everything you need is inside

In addition to the entire infrastructure of Moscow City, OKO forms its own infrastructure with shops, ATMs, cafes, as well as high-tech dry cleaning with a personal manager and delivery to the door.

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We all live under the same skies. But everyone has horizons of their own. And when OKO rises you to the clouds, you are going to forget what it’s like to look down. OKO offers unparalleled views. Its height of 354 m and stained glazing places its residents into the audience, and the scenery opening from its windows into a new form of visual art. It paints on the canvas of its windows as high as 5 m. Its themes are sunsets and sunrises. OKO holds a collection of the best views of Moscow. And that collection is yours to enjoy.



Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury

These are the words of Coco Chanel, and you will have to agree with her once you step inside your apartment in OKO. Space planning in OKO is rational and requires no modification. Each apartment is offered with final finishings that make use of natural stone and fine wood. Kitchens are equipped with home appliances from Kupersboosh. Bathrooms come with premium sanitary ware. All you have to do is enjoy your life. Wake up to the sunlight flooding your bedroom. Take a bath with a view of the city. Place your chair by the window and enjoy the scenery of Moscow.



Haute cuisine. Top service. High sports achievements. The 354 meters of OKO dictate an exceptional level of infrastructure, befitting for five-star hotels. Residents of OKO follow their daily routine without leaving their homes. OKO offers everything one needs for recreation and entertainment. The main fitness club and the best observation platform in the City. The largest thermal area in Moscow and the highest skating rink in Europe. Conceptual restaurants, intelligent dry cleaning, ATMs… And the entire infrastructure of Moscow City as a bonus.



The splendor of the whole is made up of the majesty of its parts. A breaker of many records, OKO is immense even when it comes to parking. The high-rise complex accommodates the largest underground parking garage in Europe: 16 levels and 3400 parking spaces. It is accompanied by a two-level vip-parking garage for 179 cars. The garages are linked by a driveway and two corridors, one leading to the business center, and the other leading to the apartment lobbies. More information can be received by calling: +7 (495) 363-02-63 or at the company's sales office.


Admire greatness

Creators of the OKO skyscrapers are more than professionals. They are gurus. For the OKO project, Capital Group has brought together international stars of design and architecture – companies with a unique expert knowledge and experience in high-rise construction. These people do not follow latest trends or align themselves with any design school. They create their own.


Over 70 year, SOM has designed 183 skyscrapers in 27 countries. Among them is Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world.

Iosa Ghini Associati
Lobbies design

The founder of the postmodernist movement of bolidism, Massimo Iosa Ghini creates conceptual and dynamic space.

Capital Group

One of the oldest developers in Russia. Since 1993 Capital Group has completed 71 projects with the total area of 7 million sq m.


of purchase

Capital Group offers its clients special conditions for purchasing apartments within the framework of mortgage lending programs from partner banks. More information on purchase of apartments and mortgage lending can be received by calling: +7 (495) 363-02-63 or at the company's sales office.

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feel the quality

Capital Group holds its real estate projects to an uncompromising standard of quality. OKO’s compliance with all regulations, rules, and documents is merely a result of the developer’s principles. You can see the documents here.

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