Projects that still have no competitors Projects that still have no competitors

30% of OKO Apartments Sold to International Buyers


30% of elite apartment sales at the OKO skyscraper have been made by international buyers. A increasing share of international buyers of elite real estate in Russia was brought by the commercial availability of unique real estate projects that offer an international level of quality in construction and finishing.

In the OKO complex, among other factors, that was made possible by engaging globally renowned architects and designers in the projects. Equipped with modern technologies and possessing a breadth of vision, such professionals help develop indoor logistics, space arrangement and apartment layout in a way that is efficient both for the project and ultimately for the customer. For the buyer, the names of the architect and the designer serve as a guarantee of a high-quality residence.

Moreover, international buyers find the prices of Moscow elite real estate attractive. Today they range from 435,000 to 711,000 rubles per sq m, depending on the project and its location.