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RUSKI Restaurant Opens on 85th floor of OKO Skyscraper


RUSKI, a panoramic-view Russian cuisine restaurant, has opened on the 85th floor of Europe’s tallest skyscraper, OKO. The new restaurant is part of 354, a project of several key figures in the Russian restaurant market: Alexey and Dmitry Vasilchuk (RESTart Holding), Dmitry Sergeyev, Iliodor Marach and Alexander Kan.

The menu has been developed by three celebrity chefs: Konstantin Shatrov, Alexander Volkov-Medvedev, and Yelena Manyenan.

Designed by Megre Interiors, the restaurant’s light-colored and avant-garde interior stands in stark contrast to other restaurants of Russian cuisine. Its visual focus is on the chain mail that forms stone boxes by the panoramic windows, the front staircase inspired by the views of aspen groves, the unique floor designed after paintings of Russian avant-garde artists of the 1930s, the massive Firebird Feather lamp installation, an homage to the magical world of Russian fairy tales and the weaving technique, art structures – latten and chromium shelves designed around the ideas of the Russian cubism and constructivism.

The restaurant is centered around the kitchen, around which the guest areas are arranged, making it possible to circle the center while admiring the views of the city. Each of the restaurant’s four areas has a unique mood and atmosphere fitting its element: the kitchen area is fire, the ice bar is water, the stage hall is earth, and the event/VIP hall is air.

At the heart of the restaurant is the first fully open Russian kitchen with a unique 8-meter three-hearth stove. That is why apart from traditional Russian hot and cold dishes, the menu offers a wide selection of baked goods that can be cooked only in the stove, and baked milk made by simmering milk in the stove on low heat for eight hours or longer.

Inside RUSKI, guests will find the world’s highest ice bar made completely out of ice. All guests will be given a fur coat to wear and served caviar and various liqueurs and infusions.

A team of guides specializing in culinary history work at the restaurant daily, telling guests about traditional Russian foods, cooking methods and the food culture in Russia.